Welcome to the "PDA Analyst Certification Process".

The present "PDA Analyst Certification" process that you are starting has been developed with the purpose of conveying necessary knowledge to ensure proper use of PDA and to support you in your Human Resources Management. It consists of four stages:

We describe the 4 stages that make up this activity and invite you to begin:

Stage 1 | “Complete the PDA Form”

Completing the PDA form will take only a few minutes. It is important to be in a quiet environment, free from distractions and interruptions, and to take time and respond spontaneously, openly and honestly. Once these conditions are met, log in to the link provided by your PDA Trainer.

From there it is extremely simple just follow the instructions. If you have already completed the PDA you can ignore this step and proceed to the next, as it is not necessary to complete it again.

Once the participant completes the PDA Form, continue to the next step.

Stage 2 | “Read Preliminary Reading Material”

Carefully read the preliminary reading material, attached to the Seminar Invitation Mail. If you have not received it you can access the document by clicking here.

Once the participant has read the corresponding material, continue to the next step.

Stage 3 | “PDA E-Learning Course”

Before starting the "PDA E-Learning Course" we suggest downloading the PDA Analyst Manual by clicking here ...

This "PDA E-Learning Course" consists of a brief Introduction, 4 modules and a simple and practical guide to assist in the interpretation of the PDA Charts and PDA Feedback sessions. After each module you will find some questions and tasks that must be answered correctly. The course is very dynamic and allows participants great flexibility.

IMPORTANT: To be accepted for PDA Analyst Certification it is a fundamental requirement that the participant first reviews the 4 modules and correctly responds to questions and exercises for each module. Please note that this stage of the PDA Training (E-Learning Course) can take between 2 and 4 hours.

To begin the PDA Training Course click the first link:

Introducción al PDA Introduction PDA
Introduction PDA Module 1: What is PDA?
Módulo 2 Module 2: The Marston Quadrant & PDA Axes
Módulo 2 Module 3: Deep Interpretation Indicators
Módulo 3 PDA Interpretation & Feedback Guide

Once the participant has successfully completed the E-Learning course and responded correctly to the exercises and practices of each module they may continue to the next stage.

Stage 4 | “PDA Certification”

The "PDA Certification" consists of an activity led by a "PDA Certified Trainer", an expert on the tool. To be eligible for the "PDA Certification" the user must first have completed their PDA form, have read the preliminary material and reviewed the "PDA E-Learning Course". Once these three previously described stages have been completed, the participant is able to participate in the PDA Certification Seminar and be certified as a PDA Analyst.